During our practice, we encounter a number of transport and bus companies that do not unnecessarily claim a refund of excise duty. At the same time, they are entitled to a refund of up to 10 cents from one liter of diesel!

Can you use it too?

Do you refuel with vehicles over 7.5 tonnes or buses in Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Spain or Slovenia? Have you noticed that in addition to VAT, you also pay excise duty on diesel? This tax, together with of value added tax, is one of the biggest transport costs, so do not hesitate and ask for a refund. Unlike the VAT refund system, which is harmonized across the EU, the refund of excise duty is a national competence only. The conditions for submitting an application as well as the deadlines and required documents vary from country to country. The amount of excise duty refunded on diesel depends on the number of liters refueled in a given country over a period of time and may change over time. Some countries, such as France or Italy, even allow excise duty to be claimed back several years. Conversely, in Belgium, Spain and Hungary, a refund can only be requested after registration with the customs office. We will take care of everything for you for each country without having to spend your time doing so.

What do you need to apply?

  • Invoices from the purchase of diesel

  • Power of Attorney

  • Valid EU license

  • Leasing contracts

  • Technical certificates

  • Overview of mileage in the EU